A nonprofit organization serving
people with disabilities in
 Passaic and Essex Counties

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Board of Directors

Charles Brooks
Anthony Gianduso
Alisa Hodowanec
Patricia Rhein
Francine Ford-Smith
Neil Ross
Shelby Wells

The Center welcomes qualified individuals to serve on the Board of Directors.   We are seeking and value skills, experience and expertise in the following areas: 

•    Veterans Issues
•    Employment Services
•    Public Transportation
•    Legislative or Public Policy
•    Public Relations or Marketing
•    Deafness and Hearing Loss
•    Blindness or Vision Loss
•    Assistive / Adaptive Technology
•    Computer Technology / Network Services
•    Financial Services  
•    Youth & Transition Programs
•    Aging in Place / Olmstead Initiatives / MFP
•    Fundraising / Resource Development
•    Legal Expertise
•    Transitional or Supportive Housing

DIAL, Inc. is part of a statewide network of non-residential centers designed and operated to provide services to individuals with significant disabilities. DIAL is organized and operated as a non-profit entity. The services it provides include: Information and Referral, Advocacy, Peer Support, Independent Living Skills Training, Youth in Transition, and Facilitating Community Based Living. It has a 44 year history of serving persons living with disabilities that reside in Passaic County and Essex County. DIAL promotes the full inclusion of all people living with disabilities into society and encourages its clients and members along with the community at large to seek involvement in this self-governing organization. DIAL's Board consists of individuals with and without disabilities.

If you are interested and live in Essex or Passaic County contact DIAL's Executive Director, John Petix, Jr. at jpetix@dial-cil.org or Shelby Wells, Board President at BlueCobra@aol.com.  Please write "Board of Directors" in the subject line.